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Alexander Schwertner

Product Management and Strategy Consultant

Alexander has held executive and board positions in the domain name industry since 2004. He has lead organizations of various sizes through ever-changing competitive, technology and governance landscapes.

Previous engagements include product and strategy roles at registrars and registries within the industry. Alexander can lean his insights on substantial experience in product, strategy, governance and leadership that applies to the domain industry and beyond.

On the registrar side of the business, Alexander managed the wholesale platform of the second largest domain registrar and lead through phases of rapid growth, acquisitions and major policy changes. Previously he has built a boutique registrar for country-code TLDs in Germany to become an asset that eventually was acquired by another registrar.

Alexander has also served on the board of DENIC, one of the largest country-code registry operators worldwide, for more than a decade. During his tenure, he helped to adapt DENIC's strategy and organizational structure in response to dramatic shifts in market dynamics.  As a regular contributor to ICANN policy development, he has built a large network within the industry and gained deep understanding of market, technology and governance trends.

Business success has its foundation in purpose and values. Recognizing that, Alexander leads organizations through processes of change, transformation and integration, and positions companies for growth and innovation.

Alexander lives and works as a freelance consultant in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada).




Product leadership for the largest B2B/wholesale platform in the domain industry, helping a team of over 50 product managers, UX designers and engineers across four locations to grow and excel. Completed various platform integrations after acquisitions, added hundreds of new top-level domains to the platform, lead customer-centric policy implementations, and learned about change in organizations and its impediments. A regular contributor to ICANN policy development, and active in developing an implementation approach of GDPR for registrars.


Took on a turn-around mission in 2004 to transform an ailing business into a boutique wholesale registrar and reposition it for growth and profitability. The company was acquired by Tucows in 2011.


During his 11 year term on this board, he has contributed to helping DENIC through strategy development and organizational change to pursue growth, operational excellence and cost-effectiveness. DENIC is the registry operator of the German .de top-level domain.


EURid is the registry operator of the European .eu top-level domain. The Advisory Board supports EURid's executives with market, technology and policy advice.